Well. It’s all done folks. My time in London is ending and I’m moving on to Amsterdam. This will be a hard city to beat, and I love having this photo record of my time here- I recommend this as something everyone should do! I’ll leave it all up here as a momento to my time…


I always swore I would never move to London. It was too big, too busy, too noisy, too dirty, too expensive and just too much.

But then I did.

And I love it.

There is something I see every day that makes me smile. So I thought I would document it. One photo, every day. Just to make sure I keep looking for those little things.

I live in East London and work near the City, so there will be a definite bias to this side of the capital. Sorry West London. I just see the East more often.

I will try to put up each photo on the day I take it, barring days I’m not in London, when I’ll ransack an archive.

I hope it makes you look at London like I do.


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